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Latest News,

My apologies for not getting this subject running,

Elwyn has some news and will publish here for discussion,

I thank him very muchfor his efforts.

It is important that this now becomes a discussion and a way forward.



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When Peter, Deeand I met in London we spoke about getting this project going while some of us oldies, or more so the Vets who were there, still had a chance of seeing it completed.

This prompted me to email the NMA and find out how best to go about it. The following is a copy of my email and their reply.

From: Elwyn Owen [mailto:]
Sent: Saturday, October 02, 2010 12:05 AM
To: Helen Overton; FoHSupervisor; Lesley Ann Brant; Wendy Yeo
Subject: Memorial Placement

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a member of a small Merchant Navy Veterans organization, some of whom wish to place a memorial in the MN Area of the Arboretum commemorating 85 men lost in WW2. Whilst I am not empowered to negotiate on there behalf, in order to put forward a plan to our committee, I would be grateful for any information/help you can give me on how to proceed to get a memorial erected. Things like contacts, permissions, costs, restrictions/conditions that are likely to be required. I hope this is a matter that you feel able to help me with, and look forward to your comments.

Yours Sincerely,

Elwyn Owen

Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2010 9:34 AM
Subject: FW: Memorial Placement

Since The Royal British Legion took over the Arboretum the Charitable Objectives have been tightened up. Firstly we commemmorate those who died in the service of their country, secondly, those who served or suffered in the service of their country, and finally those who wish to be commemmorated in some other way. The first two categories can have a memorial the third must be feature which enhances the arboretum from a visitor perspectiove, ie a piece of sculpture, stone seat, pay for a path etc. In principle there is no objection to you having a memorial.

All proposals need to be approved by our Trustees which sit once a quarter, the next meeting will be 27th October 2010. Three to four weeks prior to each meeting the proposals are scrutinised by the Arboretums Landscape Working Group, which is chaired by one of our Trustees. This enables any issues raised to be dealt with before the Trustees then sit. The Trustees require scale drawings of all proposals together with details of materials to be used together with any text and the method of construction. What you need to do is come up with an initial design and discuss it with me, or alternatively make an appointment to come and see me and I will take you round the site and show you what does and does not work and what we have learned from past mistakes.

With regard to financial implications the sponsoring organisations has to bear the full design and build costs, make arrangements for future maintenance and either insure the memorial themselves or have it included in our insurance and pay us the annual premium. In addition there is a 1,000 non-refundable application fee and the Arboretum would request that you make a donation of 36 per square metre of space occupied by the memorial.

I hope the above is of help, if you require any further information please do not hesitate to get back in touch or contact me on my direct dial 01283 799861.

Paul Kennedy

Arboretum Curator

In my view we could possibly raise the initial capital cost, but cannot see any prospect of an ongoing commitment to maintenance costs and insurance.

Your views are now required.




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I would imagine that most of us would not have had much dealings with Memorials and the costs, except, possibly when our Parents died.
I must be honest and say I was surprised at how much the Arboretum wanted as a non returnable deposit. 1000 to me seems very steep especially when there is no guarantee that the application would be accepted. Plus their request for a donation also seems slightly wrong.
The above, plus the Insurance and maintainance costs would, along with the cost of the Memorial itself be probably to expensive for us as a Society to pay.
We already have a PWSTS Memorial in pride of place in Ingham Church, my view is that we just keep this one and go no further with the Arboretum idea.
Just to say this is my view only and if it is decided to go ahead with the Arboretum I will gladly contribute.
Thank you to Glancon, Sax and all who have done so much for this project.


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I have discussed this with Jenny and its our personal view, and I stress only a view, that the best memorial to the Merchant Navy and those brave PWSTS sailors who lost their lives during WW2 is at Tower Hill. I also agree with Alan that our plaque at Ingham is our most valued memorial second to Tower Hill.

A representation of the PWSTS at the Arboretum is very desirable but extremely costly.

Please have no doubt that we would support (and contribute) with the majority decision should it be felt that we should proceed with this venture.

As regards the Dover PWSTS plaque: I am currently in discussion with Dover Harbour Board. I wont publish their response just yet as I have requested that they reconsider their options. I hope to be able to give you a full update soonest.

Lastly, thank you gentlemen for your efforts to date which are appreciated.


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Hi everyone,
As much as I like the idea of the monument at the National Arboretum I do think it is wishful thinking.

We are but a small association with a limited life span, the school closed in 1975 with the youngest boy of around 15, the youngest possible member now being 50.

We have the names of the lost school members in the Church at Ingham, this will be there as long as the Church stands and will be maintained by the Church.

I like to think that the people of Ingham will always remember the time the Hostel was in the Old Hall and the boys marching to Stalham every Sunday morning to church.

The Names of the boys who went off to sea never to return are there for all to see. Some of the boys named were at the Hostel when it was in Limehouse but Ingham Old Hall was the war time home and for me is the place for them to be remembered.

E. J. Ford
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